LODROM GLOBAL is an international collective of architects, designers and creatives established in New York. With its focus on incorporating craft, digital technologies and environmental responsibility, the firm’s designs and work have attracted critical acclaim for their boundary pushing nature. LODROM GLOBAL work is rising around the world today – in New York, California, London, Dubai, Hong Kong– with remarkable offerings of luxury residential, hospitality, condominium and mixed-use developments that underscore the firm’s cutting edge appeal.

LODROM works closely with clients to understand their needs and desires in relationship to external constraints in today’s ever changing cycle of occupancy and uses of buildings, providing adaptable planning so buildings evolve with their clients. Rather than imposing a ‚parti’ onto a given site, LODROM tends to deploy patterns which seemingly self-organize and grow with the site and its intended and un-intended future uses. Innovative projects stands as a manifesto to LODROM’s design philosophy. It is the ability to work in the virtual space of organizational tools, while deploying concrete structures and materials that places LODROM at the cutting edge of architectural practice.